Hardware & Electrical

Hardware & Electrical products we supply:

Nuts and Bolts:

Cage nuts, rivet nuts, T-bolts, Lifting eye bolts, Hex Bolts & Nuts, Rivet nuts closed and open, Steel and Stainless Steel, Electro- plated bolts and nuts


Specialized Washers, Spring Lock Washers, Noord Lock Washers, VSKD Washers, Locking Edge Washers, Flat Washers, Round washer, Spring Washer, Galvanized Stainless steel washers, Overlocking washers, Tension Spring Washers, Toothed locked washers, Steel and Stainless Steel, Electro- plated washers


Button screw cap, self-tapping screws, Self-locking nuts,Pan Head screws

Other: Clamps, Chipping Hammers, , Lugs, , Connectors., Nylon nuts and bolts, , Plastic Cap Protectors, Steel Cap Protectors, Stainless steel cap protectors, Galvanized cap protectors, Hydac Clamps SPEC: DIN304/5/6…, Chamfered pins, open end pins, , Air Hose, Clamp Hose, Reduction nipple pipes, Split pins, , Bevel Edge washers