Services we provide

TS737 – High Temperature Repair Putty

Made to resist temperatures of up to 200⁰C due to a high strength retention rate under high temperatures for extended periods of time. This grey repair putty is intended for rebuilding abrasion on equipment and repairing corrosion and scratches at high temperatures.

1590 – Instant RTV Silicone

A silicone product with high viscosity and flexibility which provides an instant seal.  It has excellent oil and fluid resistance which makes for great application to oil pans and gearboxes. It has little odour, low volatility and is non-corrosive.

1755EF High Performance Cleaner The responsible choice in cleaning, this product is environmentally friendly, contributing nothing to environmental pollution. It is inflammable making it great for cleaning oil off surfaces. It also enhances the bonding strength between adhesives metal substrates.